How to set System Logging (Syslog) feature in the integrated ePMP1000 2.4.3

Dear everyone,

Please help me how to set Syslog feature. 


You may have to clarify what you mean by "set Syslog feature"...

To enable it the most you need to do is go into Config->System and choose what levels of syslog entries you want to see - Info,Notices,Warnings,Errors,Alerts,Emergency.

To actually see those log entries go to Monitor->SystemLog and make sure the 'enabled' radio button is ticked.  You can view a couple dozen lines of the logging on the screen, or download.

You can also go in under Config->System and insert IP(s) for remote syslog server.  Any linux server should be able to perform this function, you'd just need to set up the syslog service on that machine to accept incoming syslog over the network.  (UDP 514)


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Dear Newkirk,

Assume that, I have a wireless manager, i am able to use it for getting syslog.