How to Transition from Onboard E2E to External E2E Controller?

What is the process for transitioning from an Onboard E2E controller to an External E2E controller?

Is there a seamless way to do this? Is this a challenging process? If, for example, a site gets too large for the Onboard E2E controller, what would be the process for transitioning to an External E2E controller?

Thank you, Chris


Good question, and a common one for many that have started their 60 GHz cnWave deployments using the convenient Onboard E2E solution and are now growing towards that 31 node limit. I can tell you that in the next cnMaestro release (3.1.1 presently targeted for release in mid/late April), the team has created a “One Button Press” guided E2E migration tool specifically made to address this growing task for current cnWave operators. It’s extremely simple for the user … I’ve attached a early screenshot of the related new cnMaestro page so you can see the current listed prerequisites for using it. If your migration can wait till later in April, then keep an eye out for this 3.1.1 release on our Support site. If you’re in need to do a migration before then, there is a script that our Support / Dev team can arrange to have loaded on your system to execute the migration. Best to open a support case to get this scheduled if needed before April release of 3.1.1.


This is encouraging. I am not personally in a rush, it was more about planning as we consider new locations.

One clarification I wanted to circle back around and make very clear on this topic. This new cnMaestro feature is specifically tailored to aid in transitioning a single Onboard E2E (meaning just one) to a new External E2E (meaning the External E2E is empty of any sites or nodes). There is presently no such tool being developed that would allow a user to move/combine multiple separate Onboard E2E deployments onto a single External E2E controller. There have been a few folks asking this question in a separate email, so felt it should also be shared with the community.

So I am confused, how do I transition 12 standalone e2e controllers on to my hosted server?