HTTPS vs HTTP for device access

Until recently, I believe after a Maestro upgrade, I could click a PMP450 SM IP link and it would load it in my browser and off we go. I was happy with this. Now, when I click on an IP address link to login to the desired device (attachment), the browser loads it as HTTPS, not HTTP, so it times out. I can manually type in the address as HTTP, and I have full access to the device. I discovered that all my APs and SMs are set to the default access of "HTTP Only". I tried changing a few of them, but noticed a severe increase in lag time to access the unit, so I'm just removing the "s" from HTTPS when Maestro loads the request, and living with that. My question is, is the fact that my browser is loading it as HTTPS instead of HTTP a function of the recent cnMaestro upgrade, or something changed in my browser? I have tried both Chrome and IE, and they both do it. Anyone else experiencing this?


Due to security reasons we made the changes to keep https as default protocol.

In the upcoming release there is plan to read the device config and dynamically open the URL based on what is configured on the device.


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OK, thanks very much for the clarification. I will look forward to the release as I really don't want to login to 600 devices and change the default to HTTPS. 

It would be nice if we could select HTTP or HTTPS from a setting within cnMaestro--I looked for that, but obviously it's not available.

You dont need to manually login to each device to enable HTTPs, intead do a config push from maestro to all your PMP device with the below template and it will enable both http & https web protocol on the device (attach screenshot)

"userParameters": {
"networkConfig": {
"webAccess": 2


This is taken care in 2.3.0 release and maestro will open URL by learning from Device configuration.