I bought 4 F300-16's for small Network and can only connect one client

Is there any way to get around this. I have used many UBNT Radios for Network Cameras, Access Control and Gate Openers.
If not I need another AP that will work. Recommendation? Only need 5ghz.
The Client radios are connected to cnPilote501’s.
Pretty BIG Surprise. And I’m replacing UBNT Equipment with the Cambium at a RV Park.
This is my first cambium system… I even told my distributor what I was doing with a picture of the radio layout.


The folks at Cambium made the (frustrating) decision to only allow the full ePMP 3000 and 3000 lite to act as PtMP access points. All of the other epmp 3000 gear can only act as a PtMP station or as part of PTP link.

You could accomplish what you are after with ePMP 1000 gear. The force 180 would be the N equivalent to the AC product you currently have.


Thanks! For getting back with me so fast…I did some investigating and seen where you had answered this same question

I need a high as throughput as possible. At least equal to the Force300. I think the 1000 are low cost…i need integrated, no antenna jacks. client radios less than 1500’
Pretty crazy… wasn’t expecting this snafu … Don’t have much to say about the lights…or the little plastic piece that holds the cover on… I can usually build something like this in a hour or so…but now I know… better ask questions if purchasing more of this equipment… this is the first of seven RV Parks I can upgrade… I’m not used to failure… I have been using UBNT and Engenius type radios since 2005…
This system also includes three cnPilot Dual Band Radios…
I was able to get everything going without reading any instructions… until I tried to connect the 3rd F300 and no go… until I unplugged the first client and bam the other client connected…that’s when I knew something was keeping it from having two clients. Just typing all of this in case anybody has the same question… it’s really not a problem I just have the wrong AP…

Hi Tim. If you are meaning that you want to use a F300-16 as an AP, and connect the other 300-16’s as SM’s to that… then unfortunately Cambium decided to remove that feature.

As Jacob said, the ePMP 1000 & 2000 series (and ePMP1000 connectorized, Force 180, Force 190, Force 200 SM’s) all had the ability for any device to act as an AP or as an SM. We also used to use that feature lots for farms (connecting a small network of 3 or 4 radios - house, barn, Quonset, cameras, gate) and that was one of the often advertised features of the ePMP line. But when they came out with the 3rd generation gear, Cambium decided to remove that feature. So now, you’d need to step way up to the ePMP 3000 line to get point-to-multi-point AP capabilities now.

There are rumors that Cambium is going to now add that feature back in as yet another one of their licensing schemes, so that you may be able to purchase that feature back at some point… but I don’t know. I can’t see paying them extra for a feature they removed, which we used to have built in.

Anyway, so if you are looking for that, you’ll either need to buy a 3000 Series AP and Antenna (which is total overkill) or you’ll unfortunately need to go to another brand. We hadn’t purchased anything other than Cambium for many years until they did this to us - but there’s really no other sensible choice.

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The simple solution is to use a e3k-L and an omni. This will give you full bandwidth to all F300’s you are using. The other option is to use a epmp-MP3000 which will do the same thing but with some restrictions that can be lifted with license keys.

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I don’t think that for 4 clients u have to buy 3000L :wink:

In my opinion MicroPOP 3000 is much more aporprate for this solution :slight_smile:

that can be lifted with license keys.

What ???

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The MP3000 does not have a good antenna (only 9db) so lots of foilage is a concern. It also does not have an spectrum analyzer function so you van not use a scan to determine if you have a clean channel. Not that it would matter much but the MP3000 also does not have any GPS sync. For the price difference, the e3k-L is a much more featured radio and you can choose to add a pair of stick omnis or get a large omni to suit the needs of the application.

For the features locked with licenses, I was thinking the 450MicroPOP. So we can disregard that part.

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Well, if someone wants to pass the signal without line of sight, it can be uncomfortable

But the customer has 4 300-16 devices on hand. There is a spectrum analyzer on each of them. Besides, how many times during use do you use the spectrum analyzer? 1,2,3 - rather uncommon. I am for this type of task and there is one 300-19. Sometimes, due to the users’ unawareness, the turned on spectrum analyzer can cause a lot of problems, and often users forget to turn it off.

Of course, you can buy a Ferrari to drive to the store, but what for?
GPS for 4 clients? Maybe that makes sense in a heavily polluted spectrum. I use 3000MP in a dozen or so locations and they do great in a highly noisy environment.


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You can use cnVision - Purpose Built Wireless Solutions for Video Surveillance and CCTV. Please see here:

With cnVision, you can use Client Mini or Micro or MAXr or MAXrp, as a hub and connect more than 1 client devices.

These are all bad solutions, caused by Cambium’s manipulative decision to remove Access Point functionality out of the ePMP SM’s which they all previously all had had. THAT was the much lauded ‘flexibility’, but when the 3000 series was developed, Cambium decided to remove that ability… which has now saddled us with a bunch of distasteful and ‘UN-flexible’ options.

Yes, we could use a cnVision - IF the client wants Cambium cameras (and not extending their existing camera network) and IF they want cameras in the first place. The reason for many of the small point-to-multipoint networks we do often have nothing to do with Cameras. They have to do with connecting a customer’s whole property - their house, their detached garage, their barn, their shop, their Quonset - and sometimes these are cameras, and sometimes they are just routers for WiFi extention into the barn or the SheShed, or to control the gate (which sometimes has a camera, and sometimes doesn’t) or the remote sprinklers.

The simplest, best, and most trustworthy solution was to just leave the SM and AP functions in all 802.11 based radios.

But - can never trust Cambium to not devise yet another overly complicated scheme.

  • “Hey, I know - let’s remove these features which are working perfectly good… and then spends a bunch of extra development time programming a MicroPOP and charging way more for it than the perfectly good existing solutions people have been using for 5 years”

  • “Oh, crap… we were reusing old Router/AP hardware, and we forgot about the SA… Hey, I know - how about we spend many more month’s programming a SA solution for that, which won’t work right, and which was totally un-necessary, since the existing solutions that our customers were already using for years would have worked fine”

  • “Oh, people are now buying other brands of gear to accomplish what they were previously doing with Cambium SM’s, until we removed those features… Hey, I know - let’s add that feature back in, and charge people extra for the feature they used to have with yet another licensing scheme! We all know how much the business majors upstairs LOVE yet another licensing scheme! (And we better only do just limited AP features, and only just the 300csm and not on the 300-16 or 300-25 or anything else like we used to)”


Ueah, the lack of AP ability on the F300 series is a show stopper for many of the acreages that we service and want to have wifi and in some cases a voip phone in places other than their house. I cant sell anybody on the Cambium cameras when there are systems like Xeoma out there (we are a Xeoma dealer too).

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What is the influence of the communication layer on the application layer? Because in my opinion it is transparent :slight_smile:

The cameras are not compatible with third-party nvrs
The cnvision radios seem to have problems with passing protocols other than the rtsp used.

You are right, it should be transparent but it is not.

@PFR , this is correct. Yes, cnVision and ePMP radios are completely transparent.

@Douglas_Generous , Can you please elaborate? As mentioned above, cnVision and ePMP radios are transparent and thus should not matter whether it’s RTSP or any other protocol packets going through. Also, open a support ticket with the issue if you see that cnVision radios can not transport a particular protocol and we would definitely like to debug, as we have not heard of this before.

What do you mean by Cambium Cameras? Cambium does not manufacture/sell cameras. Quick FYI: cnVision are the radios, just like ePMP with additional features specific to CCTV and VMS - ONVIF integration and VMS integration. Having said that, it does not matter whether which VMS or NVR you are using; cnVision radios pass all the traffic transpararently.

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Yeah I’ve hit the same issues you have and like you we just end up buying another brand due to lack of flexibility.Real bizarre to pull out features like this because the space is very competitive.Just one feature that you don’t have or omit can be a difference between a P/O or no P/O.

Bit of a shot in the foot moment this for Cambium.

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Yes and I had to find out on my first cambium networks…purchase… and it was almost $2500.
Frustrating and costing more in time and money but I will see it out as I have ordered a real AP
and will finish the job next week… nice to see so many responses to my original post…
Lot’s of settings…and other stuff…really don’t need all of it but I guess you never know.
Would I do it again? I wish I would of had the correct AP in the first place…

The correct AP is an actual AP, not an SM. Like ePMP3000/L etc.

It would be cool if you could use an SM as an AP, but that’s what Ubiquiti is for.

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I get what you’re saying but are Cambium better off losing the sale to Ubnt or are they better off taking a minuscule hit an including that feature out of the box ? None of my customers have opted for 3000’s fyi so they’ve lost those $$$ . Virtually all my customers take on 3-5 Year licensing support plans with Cambium gear that they buy so you could still double dip on that sweet almost guaranteed support money.

We know the equipment can actually do it, it’s just been feature locked/blocked.

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I hear you bro. That 3000 micropop is pretty well spec’d and not much more than a f300 from memory. I know its not your point but ive got a few of them in my wisp and they work fine.
I heard a rumor they were going to provide what you want but it was while ago and no change yet.
Are you doing cctv? If so id just got with ubnt anyway - i got a call from security company requesting passwords for a ubnt network i built 8 years ago - ive never been back and its still working. If it was CN id have been back 20 times lol, sorry cambium but its true.

From what I understand, it’ll ONLY be on the Force300csm, not on any of the others – and it’ll be yet another lame licensing scheme. Cambium’s ‘sales team’ is convinced of their ‘self fulfilling prophecies’ - They’ll take their most expensive SM, add on a licensing fee, get it to nearly the 3000M 3000L price - and then they’ll say “see, no one was really interested in AP features on the SMs”

Like everyone else, we’ve been forced to switch to other brands for the small WAN networks… such as UBNT. And guess what - they work just fine. As a matter of fact, now that we’re re-introducing them to our network, I find that their management software (FREE - NOT LICENSED) works fine too, and their GUI is SO much better. So thanks Cambium, for forcing me to go back and re-examine the competition. Keep removing features and then trying to sell them back to us for extra $$$ and see how that works out long term. OH - I’m sure in your self-convinced world, it’ll all be fine.

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