Installing the CMM5: Replaceable Fuses

Each CMM5 Injector and Controller has a replaceable fuse accessible from the front-panel.  If the CMM5 is not responsive (no LED’s indications or response on the data ports), it is possible that the fuse has blown.  Use the following procedure to replace the fuse:




Remove power from the CMM5 Injector/Controller.


Remove the replaceable fuse from it’s holder by turning counter-clockwise and extracting from the housing.


Visually inspect the fuse for indications that it has blown.


If the fuse needs replacing, use the following specification fuse or equivalent as a replacement:

  • For CMM5 injector: Eaton BK/ABC-10-R; 125VDC, 10A
  • For CMM5 controller: LITTELFUSE 0314002; 125VDC, 2A


Re-insert the fuse into the fuseholder and the fuseholdeer into the opening on the chassis.


Re-apply power to the CMM5 Injector/Controller and check for restoration of normal operation.

Class A Emissions Requirements

The following are the major requirements for the CMM5 to meet Class A Emission requirements when fully loaded with access points.

  • 240W and 600W AC Power supplies: It is recommended to use a DC line filter as described above.
  • CMM5 56V Injectors: In some cases it may be necessary to install Ferrite beads on the input and output CAT5 Ethernet cables.  Refer to the installation photos above for the recommended locations of these beads.  Recommended device is  a large snap on bead with inside dia. 6.3mm, to be used on all 8 pin RJ45 and 6 pin RJ25 within three inches of the CMM5. 
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