integrate link planner with cnmaestro


Is there any possible to integrade link planner with cnmaestro.Please suggess if you have any idea


We are currently developing an online version of LINKPlanner. When this is available we intend to provide close integration between cnMaestro. cnHeat and LINKPlanner. This is a long-term project so we cannot give any indication of when this will be available.



Any news on this topic?


It is progressing, but we still can't say when it will be available.

Hello Andrew,

Just checking in wondering where Cambium is at in the development process.



Hi William,

Things stalled for a while, but they are progressing again. We hope to have a first version of LINKPlanner running in the cloud before the middle of next year and cnMaestro integration is on the roadmap for a release shortly after.

Sorry that it’s taking so long, but things are now progressing quite quickly.



Hey Andy,

Thanks for the response. Do you have any advise on mapping an existing network from cnMaestro to LINKPlanner in the interim? Or is there a someone from Cambium who would know? I have browsed multiple postings within the community and read a couple of the documents cambium has but while running cnMaestro 3.04 things don’t seem to match up for the csv import.

I don’t think that there is a format that would work without some editing. LINKPlanner needs to know the coordinates at each end of the link, so to import PMP links the format should be:

Hub Name, Hub Latitude, Hub Longitude, AP Azimuth, SM Name, SM Latitude, SM Longitude, AP Height (m or ft), SM Height (m or ft), AP Name, AP Tilt, AP Description, SM Description

Some of these fields are optional, but, as a minimum, you need:

Hub Name, Hub Latitude, Hub Longitude, AP Azimuth, SM Name, SM Latitude, SM Longitude

If you can get this information out of cnMaestro then it should be easy enough to compile the CSV file in Excel or similar. The other main issue that you will have is that none of the equipment will be configured correctly. You can use the templates and table editing features in LINKPlanner to configure things as required.

Thank you Andrew,

I assume Hub refers to tower? I will get to work on it I suppose. Can’t wait for integration!



Correct, the hub name and coordinates will be used to create the appropriate network sites and hubs in LINKPlanner. The importer will create a new access point every time it sees a new name/lat/long/azimuth combination.

Our first release of the online LINKPlanner for PMP is now available, see LINKPlanner V6.0.0 now available in your browser for more details. We still have more to do before we can integrate with cnMaestro, but it is getting closer!

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