LINKPlanner V6.0.0 now available in your browser

Just planning PMP?

Only have a small network, less than 10 sites and 250 SMs?

Why not try our new online version of LINKPlanner, which runs on Windows, Mac and Linux!

It uses all the same calculations and has the same predictable performance as our desktop version, but with a new user-friendly interface over a map layer for all users.

Check it out at There is no need to download and you will always be on the latest version.

Note: Includes 28 GHz cnWave, 60 GHz cnWave, cnReach, ePMP and PMP 450. cnRanger will be added in a future release.

Register now for our upcoming webinar on June 22nd 2022 at 9 am CDT, which will cover how to use the new features, LINKPlanner V6.0.0 webinar


Would love to see support for KML/KMZ on the online version … opened it up to try it and let out a Darth Vader NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… lol

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We’re adding the KML/KMZ site import in the next release. For now you can import the sites into the desktop version and then export the site table as a CSV file or import the project file into the online version. There are also several online tools that convert KML to CSV.

KML/KMZ export is lower priority at the moment, so that won’t be available for a while.




This works well from a quick test! I’m looking forward to PTP support at some point, even if it’s just for a select few products.


Is it me being dumb or is there currently no way to create a PTP link in the web version.

I’ve started a project with 2 network sites but see no option to add a PTP link, specifically I’m looking at 2 x V3000 cnWaves for this one

Hi Connor,

PTP and mesh links will be added later in the year. Initially, this will include the same product families that we have included for PMP (ePMP, PTP 450, 28 GHz cnWave, 60 GHz cnWave and cnReach). Other products and features will come after that.

The first public release of LINKPlanner was in April 2008 and it has seen regular updates and releases since then, so it will take us a little while to catch up with all of the features that are currently available in the desktop version. We will continue to develop both versions until we have all of the required features.




I’m guessing for the majority of Cambium users having LinkPlanner in the cloud is a non-issue but for some it will be.

Believe it or not there are some that have no internet access and the are looking to setup a PTP link. With LinkPlanner moving to the cloud those people will need to spend hours at the library, a friends home or work experimenting with potential solutions.

Furthermore I’m not a big fan of the recent LINKPlanner updates that “phone home” and send data back to Cambium without the ability to disable that. The cloud based solution eliminates all illusions of privacy.


Unfortunately the desktop version is built on obsolete technologies that mean that its life is limited. Moving to the cloud will allow us to include additional features that are difficult/impossible in a desktop application.

LINKPlanner only “phone[s] home” when you request a path profile. This has been the case since at least LINKPlanner v2 (anything before that is before I started working on it). If you want to edit your own profiles then you can do it completely off-line and with total privacy - although at the expense of convenience.

As with any cloud application, we do store your project data when you use the cloud version of LINKPlanner. However, you can opt-out of marketing emails at any time, although this is what helps to keep LINKPlanner a free tool. You can also raise a “right to be forgotten” request at any time and we will delete all of your data, but you will lose access to the applications in this instance.

Hopefully that clears up a few things.



Link planner on the web is a NO NO for me, and it comes at a really bad time, since Mac moved to M1, now we wont have an M1 version, no matter how you sugar coat it, web versions suck!!! I like to have control on my own machine any time!!!

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I’m sorry that you feel that way, but unfortunately LINKPlanner will be transitioning to a web-only application and we will not be working on an M1 version for MacOS.

I’m not familiar with any other planning tools for the Mac, but maybe someone else on the forum can suggest some alternatives that would work for you.




Unfortunately for users like myself Cambium is focused on its target audience WISPS and not the individual looking to established a PTP link in order to be connected to civilization and the outside world.

A cloud based LinkPlanner is for those who have internet access and not those looking to get it.

Not just you. It is super frustrating that there seems to be no support for it and they don’t mention it won’t do it.

Please keep an eye on the Release Notes, which tells you which features have been included, if a product or feature is not mentioned then we haven’t incorporated it yet.

We are planning to introduce the first products in PTP mode by the end of this year, to include the PMP 450, ePMP and 60 GHz cnWave product lines, which are currently supported in PMP mode.

@Cambium_Rachel when will you guys be adding some PTP options in this? It’s a nice tool but this kinda makes it unusable and pushes me back to the desktop version

for those mac M1 people, linkplanner for mac actually runs the best on Mac M1. It’s the fastest system I run linkplanner on, way faster than my i7-11th gen PC… Not live maps support though which is annoying.

I’m all in on v6 as soon as you add PTP shots. Thanks.

Hi @syadnom,

Thanks for the feedback.

We will be releasing PTP for the ePMP and 450 families before the end of the year and 60 GHz cnWave will be coming by February next year. We are trying to prioritise the other products and features based on their popularity since it takes time to add all of the required functionality.

We’d appreciate it if people could comment on the products and features that they would find most useful in the online version:

  • Which PTP product families do you need before you can make the switch?
    • PTP 550
    • PTP 670
    • PTP 700
    • PTP 820/850 – for these what link types are you most interested in?
      • 1+0
      • 1+1
      • 2+x
      • 4+0
      • Spatial Diversity
    • cnReach
  • If you are still using the desktop to plan PMP, what is missing from the online to stop you transitioning to it?
  • Do you use Tower Switches to power the radios?
  • Do you use the BOM Estimator?

Is there anything else that is a must-have feature from the desktop version? Are there any other feature requests that you’d like to raise?

Either post a comment or email directly to if you prefer.



@Andrew_Haywood confused a little, cnwave 60Ghz is already in the planner today.

as far as other radios, I’m most interested in more modern stuff, ie I’ll be buying new not putting my old stuff in. epmp 400C/425 for example.

Sorry, I should have clarified - PTP links using 60 GHz cnWave (with channel bonding for V3000).

You are in luck, ePMP Force 400C and ePMP Force 425 will be available by the end of the year.

We talked about this on another thread but definitely channel planning (individual 5ghz frequencies).

We are just waiting to be able to transfer our entire Link Planner from desktop to cloud. We can’t do it because of the 100 AP and 1000 SM limitations. We input all addresses we receive from CNheat analysis and customers addresses when they call in to ask about service. The SM limitation is the holdup.

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Hi Brandon,

The current online version of LINKPlanner is sharing some code with the desktop version so that we can continue to maintain both versions whilst we introduce all of the required functionality online. This creates some performance issues with larger projects in the online version, which is why we have introduced the limits.

If we increase the limits you may notice more bugs and performance problems, so we can’t increase them too far just yet. What would we need to increase them to for you?

We will be optimising the code in the future and are planning to increase the limits as we do so.