LINKPlanner V6.0.0 now available in your browser

Just planning PMP?

Only have a small network, less than 10 sites and 250 SMs?

Why not try our new online version of LINKPlanner, which runs on Windows, Mac and Linux!

It uses all the same calculations and has the same predictable performance as our desktop version, but with a new user-friendly interface over a map layer for all users.

Check it out at There is no need to download and you will always be on the latest version.

Note: Includes 28 GHz cnWave, 60 GHz cnWave, cnReach, ePMP and PMP 450. cnRanger will be added in a future release.

Register now for our upcoming webinar on June 22nd 2022 at 9 am CDT, which will cover how to use the new features, LINKPlanner V6.0.0 webinar


Would love to see support for KML/KMZ on the online version … opened it up to try it and let out a Darth Vader NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… lol

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We’re adding the KML/KMZ site import in the next release. For now you can import the sites into the desktop version and then export the site table as a CSV file or import the project file into the online version. There are also several online tools that convert KML to CSV.

KML/KMZ export is lower priority at the moment, so that won’t be available for a while.




This works well from a quick test! I’m looking forward to PTP support at some point, even if it’s just for a select few products.


Is it me being dumb or is there currently no way to create a PTP link in the web version.

I’ve started a project with 2 network sites but see no option to add a PTP link, specifically I’m looking at 2 x V3000 cnWaves for this one

Hi Connor,

PTP and mesh links will be added later in the year. Initially, this will include the same product families that we have included for PMP (ePMP, PTP 450, 28 GHz cnWave, 60 GHz cnWave and cnReach). Other products and features will come after that.

The first public release of LINKPlanner was in April 2008 and it has seen regular updates and releases since then, so it will take us a little while to catch up with all of the features that are currently available in the desktop version. We will continue to develop both versions until we have all of the required features.