Interested in beta testing an SM installer app?

We are looking for some customers to actively engage in beta testing a mobile device app designed to simplify SM installations.  The initial release of this app is targeted specifically for PMP SMs and runs on Android mobile devices.  ePMP and iOS will be supported in future versions.

So if you are deploying PMP and have some installers that use Android mobile devices, apply for the closed beta by filling out the following survey.  In order to  actively engage with beta testers, the number of participants will be limited initially.

Thanks in advance.


Reminder..... we're looking for some beta testers .  Fill out the SurveyMonkey if you'd like to help test.


Thanks Telemar.  Once we've tested for your  specific config file scenario, we'll send it to you.

Done; when will we be notified if we are accepted into the beta?

Is this still being worked on? or is this what turned into cnArcher?  If you still need beta testers, I will sign up.

This was for cnArcher. v1.0 is available in the Play Store now. v1.1 is in beta. See for details.