Internet to vans in cnmatrix

I have 30 cnmatrix ex2028p switches in a network
I have configured 3 vlans in all the switches and I have made 1 of the switches as the core switch to do dhcp service for vlan 2. While vlan3 has startic ips and vlan1 has dhcp but from another dhcp server.

I have connected internet through cnpilot r190
The problem is that I can only get internet when I connect the r190 into a hybrid port and only ports in that vlan can get internet.
When I connect the router to a trunk port, no port gets internet.
Also in all cases, the switches won’t connect to cnmaestro

Kindly guide on how I should do my connection


Look here. Setup routing from VLAN2 and VLAN3 to internet manualy :slight_smile:

I configured it this way but vlan 2 and 3 are not getting internet

Vlan1 is getting DHCP( from the router and I have configured the router port on the switch as access

Vlan 2 is static(
vlan3 is static(


I don’t quite follow your topology and usage case. It would be more effective to have a call so I can assist you further. Please raise a ticket with the Support.


I think cambium support is experiencing delays. I put in a request about 24 hours ago but I haven’t got a reply.
I decided to default all the switches to original settings so that clients can atleast have internet and also have them on boarded to cnmaestro

Please give me the ticket number so I can assist you.

Thank you.

Ticket 261328

So what I need is

  1. having 3 vlans on all the switches
  2. One of the switches to do dhcp service to clients for all the 2 of the 3 vlans
  3. Being able to have internet on all the vlans while using a dhcp ip saved by the dhcp server(switch)
  4. There are some of the switches I swapped with hp Aruba but the client had already added them to cnmaestro and he forgot the cnmaestro login details.

Sound like routing problem, did your router create VLAN interface?

Am using copilot r190

Opps, sorry I didnt notice and use before.
Then it might be routing problem.

But I see datasheet R190 have support 802.1Q?

So the bottom line is that cnmatrix can not do routing so I have to use a router

EX2028 L3 switch I remember can do routing isnt it?

EX2K switches (EX2028,EX2010,EX2016,EX2052) support inter-vlan routing, static routing, OSPF, and RIP.

Thank you.

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I see that our support engineer is already working with you. I will work with the technician to make sure we can assist you promptly.
Regarding your questions 1-3. This is supported. cnMatrix can be enabled for dhcp server and can have multiple dhcp pools, one for each vlan. cnMatrix does not support NAT which is needed to translate the private ip addresses to a public ip address for internet access. There are firewall or internet router devices that support NAT.

Regarding #4, are you having trouble claiming the switches because they were already claimed in a different accounts? Can you unclaim them in the existing accounts first?

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