IP address not working

Ok, so I finally figured out how to use the IP address to change my wifi password. On another post, someone told me to use the IP address of which worked! However, now that I am trying to go back to that IP address to log in and do something else, it just keeps saying “failed to open page” because it can’t connect to the server. How do I fix this?

Hi Ellen,
Based on your previous post: [Help changing password] steps to login and password change are there.

Could you please update what changes you made on the device, based on that we can provide you the solution.

Yes, I went in and changed the wifi password for 2.4ghz. I think I also changed the router password. I went back in to change the 5ghz (not sure if I even needed to), but the IP address would not work. Hope that makes sense. Totally don’t understand any of this.

Hi ,

Can you raise a support tickect on https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/ ? Someone will contact you and help with configuration .


Thank you, I will do that.