IPv6 Support for cnPilot?

Is it planned, or possible, for the cnPilot to have IPv6 support?

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Hi Ben,

Yes. We are planning IPV6 suppor for the R200 and R201 series in the short term. And on the Enterprise E400/E500 series in 1H 2016.

did that come about yet?

Limited beta start of ipv6 support is  two weeks from now.


I just ordered a r200p router in prep for this. We are looking into spinning up a new ISP and would love to do a public ipv6 for every clients wan. Anyone have helpful advice, hit me up.

will it have stateful packet inspection for the firewall for ipv6?

Any updates on this? Does R200 support IPv6; I cannot find any info about it in the the 2 latest releases?


   The IPv6 release for R series is still under validation. We will keep you posted.



Is IPv6 is supported or not in latest software releases

Please find below details of IPv6 support in cnPilot R-Series devices: