Is it Mesh or Me?

I'm a bit of a newbie here, so any thoughts on this are much appreciated. I am using two R190 routers in mesh mode. The problem I am seeing is that some devices ( printers, sonos or cameras) are on the 192.168.12.x network and most of the users are on the base unit IP of 192.168.11.x. So, users cannnot print or control various devices since they are on a different IP network. I didn't think this is how mesh was supposed to work, or maybe I am missing something. Can anyone tell me how to get this mesh network to flow fluidly? Both routers are using the latest firmware etc... Thank you

Two r190x/r201x/r200x can be connected through the wireless link by two ways.

  1. WDS (Wireless 2.4GHz-->WDS) Mesh Repeater mode.
  2. AP-Station (Wireless 2.4GHz-->Repeater mode) Repeater Mode.
  1. WDS (Wireless 2.4GHz-->WDS) Mesh Repeater mode:

Please do not use the  WDS Repeater mode(Wireless 2.4GHz-->WDS)   as there is known the issue of low throughput in the current image (4.3.4r8) and refer below KB.

  1. AP-Station (Wireless 2.4GHz-->Repeater mode) Repeater Mode.

     The user can use this as Wi-Fi Range Extender.  

    Using this mode, the user can connect as follows.

  1. R-Series AP <-> R-Series AP.
  2. E-Series AP<->R-series AP.
  3. Any wireless AP<–>R-series AP.
  • AP-Station Repeater mode  in-between  R-Series  APs(R-Series AP <-> R-Series AP).

Network topology:



  1. Configure the Base AP and Repeater client AP in Default Mode.
  2. Configure the SSID, Security mode and key in the Base AP (Wireless-Security and Wireless->basic).
  3. Configure and enable  Repeater mode in the repeater client AP and refer the below screenshot.

 4. Configure the Repeater client AP in the bridge in network section page and refer below screenshot

 5. Connect the Repeater client AP to SSID of  Base AP, refer below screenshot.


  • AP-Station Repeater mode  in-between  R-Series  and  E-Series AP (E-Series AP<->R-series AP).

Please refer below KB.


Please let me know if you have any query.




Niraj, I tried and tried and could not get the repeater function to work properly. I am not sure if I am missing something or what. Would it be possible to do a screen sharing session with me so you can see what I am seeing when I apply the configuration as noted above? Let me know as soon as possible as I have a few customers waiting for their routers. Thank you.


Sure. Please send the remote session details to my Email id ( or contact our Support Team(