R200/201 WDS mode setup guide

The R-series home gatways routers from Cambium networks support WDS mode of operation. For this to work both the master AP and the slave AP needs to be configured in WDS mode.

In WDS mode The VoIP/tr069/provisioning functions cannot used if wan port of the slave AP is not connected.

The following sub-modes are allowed through configuration:

  • Disable - This disables all WDS functions.
  • Bridge mode - Turns on WDS function in client bridge model. This is useful to connect wired hosts  through this WDS link.

NOTE:In this mode, AP will not send beacon out and will not deal with probe request packets, therefore a wireless STA will not be able to connect with it.


  • Repeater mode - Turns on WDS function. In this mode wireless clients can also connect to the slave AP.


  • Lazy mode - Turns on WDS function, and auto learning from WDS packet with addr4 field.


The above screen shows the configuration for WDS setup. Set the same phy mode, encryption type and encryption keys for both the  peer APs of the WDS link. Set both the APs on the same channel. Auto-Channel cannot be used for WDS mode. To support roaming between the two WDS APs we must configure the same SSID and security key on both of the APs. We should disable DHCP server on the slave AP and reserve a non conflicting IP for the LAN interface of the slave AP (from the subnet being used).

On master AP set the BSSID of the slave AP and vice versa in the "AP MAC Address"  field. Refer to the image below for location the BSSID of the APs.


After this save the configurations of both the master and slave APs and reboot. Note that the WAN connection of the slave AP if connected should not be required anymore and can be removed to test WDS operation.

Post reboot they should be able to form a WDS connection successfully. To test the WDS operation, connect a wireless client to the slave APs SSID. The wifi client should be able to connect successfully and get an IP address from the DHCP server in the network (or from one configured on the master AP). The wifi client should now be able to access the internet (if the master APs WAN is setup for internet access).

In the below picture a samsung wifi client is shown which is connected through the WDS link and able to access the internet.