KBA/Article setting up LLDP-MED via cnMaestro?

Hi just checking if there’s an article or kba how to setup lldp-med via cnmaestro ? I managed to get a hackjob going via PBA Policy/Rule/Action matching vendor name via LLDP-ANY but surely there’s gotta be a better way via cnMaestro ?

Ah I forgot to add some detail.
Should have said it’s for the cnMatrix switches/Switch Groups to enable IP Phones to boot into the correct voice VLAN.

Currently cnMaestro does not have GUI configuration to set up voice vlan on the switch so that switch can advertise to the phone via LLDP-MED. However, you can configure LLDP-MED on the switch either via console or cnMaestro CLI Overrides. To use CLI Overrides you need cnMatrix 4.0 which will be available in March.


Thanks Tam . Looking forward to the overrides forthcoming feature in 4.0