L2GRE with cnMaestro


I have been shown by Gupta that L2GRE is working with cnMaestro

Let say I have ESXi6 with 2xNICs
Both NICs connected to Cisco trunk ports

eth0 can connect to VLAN10 port-group

But I confuse with eth1 in cnMaestro vm.

How do I create trunk port for eth1

Is that by creating VLAN4095 in a port-group?


I just need clarification

Asking 2x to Cambium without reply

Maybe still in Holiday



There is no configuration required on cnMaestro eth1 port.

You need configure VM instance to allow either all or specific VLAN as specified in URL https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/1004074.

Hope your query is answered.

Thank You.