Link Planner will not open using my Mac

My Mac OS X El Capitan v10.11.6 will not open version 5.4.4. 4.9 works fine. any suggestions?


Right-click and choose Open. Then the OS will give you the option to run. It blocks it if you just double-click to run.



Tried that and does not work either

Sorry, I lose track of the MacOS names and I didn’t realise that El Capitan was one of the older ones. Chances are you have a 32-bit Mac/OS. Apple stopped supporting 32-bit applications, so we ported LINKPlanner to 64-bit.

You will have to stay on 4.9.1 (which is 32-bit) if you can’t update to a 64-bit OS. V4.9.1 won’t receive any new bug fixes or updates unfortunately and we don’t offer support on older versions.

This is probably a good place to mention that we will not be porting LINKPlanner to run on the M1 chips - just in case you were thinking of going out and buying a new Mac.

Thank you! I will be buying a new Microsoft today. lol

Two thumbs down to hear that there will not be a port for the M1 macs.

I stubbed across this post because I am having problems launching 5.3.1 on macOS Catalina.

What version of LINKplanner do you recommend?

Linkplanner 5.5.0 runs fine on my new M1 mac using rosetta.

Cambium says “This is probably a good place to mention that we will not be porting LINKPlanner to run on the M1 chips”

And Apple, after a period of time, will most likely remove Rosetta just as they did during the tradition from PowerPC to Intel.

Could very well be. LinkPlanner might go away at some point too, in favor of some hosted tool. There really isn’t much value in speculating.

At present, LinkPlanner works on Windows and some Mac combinations. It does currently work fine on M1 using Rosetta. I sure wish it still ran on Linux, even if it had to be via Wine.

@Jacob_Turner is correct - we will be stopping development of the desktop version in the future and moving to a web application, then it will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

If Apple decide to stop supporting Intel applications then LINKPlanner will stop running on the Mac. The Windows version already offers additional features over the Mac version so I would recommend that if possible.

@LostInTheTrees what problems are you having on Catalina?



Hello Andrew.

Will get back with you later today with the error messages.

Say it ain’t so that you are moving LINKPlanner to the web and discontinuing the desktop versions.

Guessing I’m in the minority not wanting to see this happen.

With my link currently down that would require me to drive 10 to 15 minutes to get to someplace where I could access the internet and run link calculations.

@Jacob_Turner How’s this for speculating, before we know it CNUT will be in the cloud and all of the hardwares firmware will be in the cloud and sold as a monthly service (SAS).

The only question then is will Cambium charge a flat monthly fee or will it be a metered service that WISPs will be incurring.

Stay Safe

The desktop versions will be going, but they will still be around for a while as we build the online capabilities. During this time we’ll still be releasing regular updates to the desktop versions, with the latest products, features and bug fixes. We will only stop adding to the desktop versions once we have all of the key features in the online version.

The online version will remain free for all of the features that you have today and more.


I see there is talk of a web based version of Link Planner coming - That’;s great because the desktop version has always felt outdated to me and runs horribly on my M1 Mac Mini

Is there an ETA for the web version or a possibility of getting beta access to it?

Hi Connor,

The first version won’t be out until 2022 unfortunately. Even then, the focus is on PMP and it will take a while before we have feature parity with the desktop version, which is also continuously updating.



What a complete slap in the face for those of us who are mainly Mac folks.

Join the ranks of Radwin there cambium and only develop tools that work for Microsoft folks.

Even more considering you CANNOT buy intel Mac’s anymore.

Unfortunately we don’t have enough Mac users to justify the time and effort that would be required to port to M1 chips. We wasted quite a bit of time when Apple forced all apps to 64-bit, since the Mac UI changes caused lots of bugs that didn’t exist on Windows. Apple often make breaking changes, particularly for cross-platform and non-app store applications.

We are moving to a cloud version of LINKPlanner. The first version, which covers the core PMP functionality, will be available in Q2. We still won’t be officially supporting Safari - since it lags behind other browsers for features and standards compliance, but the current features should run without problems.



If you are having problems with the desktop version on the Mac you may want to try our new online version, see LINKPlanner V6.0.0 now available in your browser for more details.