LINKPlanner V4.3.8 Release Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

The key features of V4.3.8 are:

New or changed features:

  • ePMP – Support for Release 2.6
    • Addition of 5 and 10 MHz bandwidths for ePTP
  • PxP 450i
    • Added 5.1 GHz band to United States and Other-FCC
    • Modified default power supply used for SM and PTP links

Default power supply changed from N000065L001 to N000000L034.

    • Updated capacity algorithm resulting in a slight improvement in throughput

The performance details section of a subscriber link now includes details of the maximum data rate that can be achieved for each modulation mode, assuming that only one SM is active. These figures equate to the Max DL/UL/Total Throughput figures shown on the Link Budget tab of the Cambium Capacity Planner.

  • Updated CMM Power Supplies

The previous CMM Power supplies are now obsolete and have been replaced with new options, if you have not yet ordered your CMM power supplies please check that the BOM contains currently available equipment.

  • Optimized selection of country options for power leads and product kits

This feature simplifies the selection process for country/region specific power cords and product kits. In the previous version selections had to be made for various different products, now there is just one list, where a number of options can be ticked. Priority is given to the highest placed country in the list which has an available option for the given product choice. The order of countries can be changed by selecting a country and using the up and down arrows.

In the example above if the product is from the 450 family then it will use the Brazil power cord, however if the product is a PTP 650 or 700 it will choose the US kit option.

NOTE: When first opening the new version you will need to set up the new country selection options.

  • Added capability to search for part numbers as a menu option under the Project menu.

This feature allows you to search the parts database for any part number or description, simply start entering the characters and once you have at least 3 characters it will look for matches.


Please note that not all parts are selectable within LINKPlanner and may not be available in your area. Please check before ordering parts that are not given within a Bill of Materials.

  • Obsolete Commscope 11 GHz 2.6 ft and 5 GHz 2 and 3ft antennas

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected error when changing bands in Access Points table
  • Added missing fiber parts from PTP 820 Optional Extras
  • Corrected error when switching to PTP 820S from a 1+1 SD link
  • Corrected High Gain Integrated antenna model number in PxP 450 FCC Device Registration

Note that we have also moved the “Create FCC Device Registration Fields” from under the “Tools” menu to under the “Project” menu


Hi please i need help i can do PMP Planning on my link planner, the icon for pmp is not active from the task bar. i can only do PTP.



Hi Folarin,

When you create a new project you should see the following options in the main toolbar:

New Project

Open Project

Save Project (disabled in a new project)

Copy (disabled)

Paste (disabled)

New Network Site

New Subscriber Site

New PTP Link

New Hub


You should start by creating your network sites and subscriber sites. You can then create hubs at your network sites. The access points can then be created on the hubs (one is created by default). Once you have configured the APs appropriately you will be able to attach the subscribers to the APs.

You will find more information in the User Guide. Click Help -> User Guide (PDF) and work your way through the "Quick Tutorial - PMP", which is on page 32 of the current guide.