LINKPlanner v5.3.0 Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

The key features of 5.3.0 are:

New or changed features

  • General
    • Added a “Viewshed” feature to the online map on Windows versions, which allows users to quickly check LOS coverage from a network site location

This exciting new feature allows users to quickly see which location will provide the best LOS coverage. We have also added a couple of new backdrop layers in the map view (Dark Gray and Light Gray) to allow the viewsheds to be more visible.

See our Knowledge Base article for more information on how to create and manage viewsheds,

  • Added shortcuts to allow quick site creation in the online map

The following shortcuts are now available:

  • n - activates the New Network Site function
  • s - activates the New Subscriber Place function
  • l - activates the New PTP link function
  • f - activates the Fit Map function

Press escape to cancel any of these functions

  • Added additional Optional Extras for a Terminal Server and new power supply
  • Updated obsolete power cords used on 450 and ePMP product lines

These are the power cords that have been replaced

  • N000900L007 has been replaced by N000900L031
  • N000900L008 has been replaced by N000900L032
  • N000900L009 has been replaced by N000900L033
  • PTP 670/700
    • Added support for 2+0 with symmetric coupler on PTP 700

PTP 700 now has an additional Link Type option for 2+0 and uses a similar concept to PTP 550 2+0. In this release the equipment configuration is mirrored between the two paths and cannot be set independently, except in the 7 and 8 GHz bands, where one path can be at 7 GHz and the other at 8 GHz.


Note that the 2+0 option is only available when both local and remote product choices are the same in the sub 6 GHz bands, either both PTP 700 C+I or both PTP 700 C-Only and also does not support E1/T1 as it requires a more recent software version.


When 2+0 is selected LINKPlanner adds two child paths for Link A and Link B and automatically enables Sync as both radios must be synchronized when sharing a common antenna. The 2+0 option automatically adds the symmetric coupler. If planning links without the coupler they can be planned as two separate links in LINKPlanner, configure the first path and then use the Duplicate option to create the second path.

  • Removed restriction on antenna color, so any antenna can be selected on any color radio
  • Added integrated PTP 700 antenna pattern
  • Updated PTP 700 symmetric coupler losses
  • PTP 820
    • Added 2+x Spatial Diversity for PTP 820C HP

PTP 820C HP now supports the same 2+0 SD and 2+2 SD link type options as for the standard PTP 820C radios.

  • Changed display to Gbps for high capacity configurations on PTP 820E and PTP 850E
  • Updated Commscope antenna patterns
  • PMP 450 family
    • Added FCC CBRS Registration Export (replaces FCC Device Registration export)

When planning CBRS networks the equipment parameters need to be uploaded to cnMaestro for use by the SAS. LINKPlanner has added an export option to simplify the creation of the spreadsheet used to input the parameters into cnMaestro. Please take a look at our Knowledge Base article for more information on this feature,

  • Release 16.2 updates to correct CBRS bandwidths and power limits and 450b FCC power limits

The 5 and 7 MHz bandwidths have been removed from the CBRS regulation and various power limits updated to comply with the CBRS and 5 GHz FCC grants.

  • Added optional DC Power cables on PMP 450m
  • cnPilot
    • Added r195, e505 and XH2-240 to the BOM Estimator and made obsolete e400 and e430W

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed errors when saving old projects due to underlying changes in modulation mode definitions
  • Corrected issue with FCC License Coordination export when project contains multiple links between the same two end points and also added missing paths for complex links
  • Corrected TD90 export when site names contain Unicode characters
  • Fixed error displaying hub performance summary for large sectors
  • Corrected cnRanger PMP Proposal report
  • Added check for out of date rules when opening projects and now warns users when rules are no longer valid

This may result in a warning appearing when opening an old project file, in which case please check the rules in your project file and update as necessary

  • Added missing PTP 820C Remote Mount for OMT kit to the BOM
  • Added 5.4 GHz weather radar warning to PTP 550/550E links if either path is on 5.4 GHz
  • Updated PTP 550/550E warranties to make the 2 year warranty default and obsolete 3 and 4 year warranties.
  • Corrected issue with online map when operating around the East/West boundary

This is automatically corrected for the V5.2.3 version as well

  • Corrected Force 300-13/13L and Force 300-19/19R minimum transmit power

These products can support a minimum transmit power of +3 dBm combined.