LINKPlanner v6.1.0 Now Released

LINKPlanner online has been updated to version 6.1.0.

The key features of the 6.1.0 release are:

PTP support for the following products

  • ePMP family
  • PMP 450 family

To quickly create a PTP link use the image001 icon on the right hand toolbar and then click on the map for the first end of the link and move the cursor to the position for the opposite end of the link and click again. This will create the network sites for each end of the link and create the link.

If you know the coordinates but have not yet created network sites you can enter these in the PTP Link Mode menu:


To edit a PTP Link select PTP Links from the left-hand menu and click on the link from the list or table view. The common equipment for the link is configured using the equipment and product configuration menus on the left-hand side of the page.

The end specific parameters are in the Configuration at Each End section below the Path Profile on the right-hand side of page.

Below this are the Performance Summary and Performance Details panels similar to a PMP Link.

cnWave 5G Fixed

  • Added 26 GHz Australia regulation
  • Expanded Frequency range for 26 GHz “Other” to 27.5 GHz
  • Updated B1000 antenna pattern

The change in the center frequency for the 26 GHz “Other” and the updates to the B1000 antenna pattern will change the predicted performance compared with previous releases. For Vertical polarization the antenna gain has generally improved resulting in a small increase in overall throughput for the BTS. For Horizontal polarization there will be some subscribers that show a small reduction in performance but the average for the BTS should be very similar.

60 GHz cnWave

  • ETSI/Israel regulations updated

PMP 450

  • Updated Indonesia Regulatory limits in 5.8 GHz and 2.4 GHz


  • Added MSN field to Network Device and Subscriber Module General panel

Bug Fixes

  • Added warnings to the 60 GHz cnWave if CN’s and mesh links are within the 20 deg separation zone
  • Corrected export issue when using non-default Golay codes on Mesh or PMP links.
  • Ensure user set EIRP and Power values respect the power resolution step increment size for the given product and all set values and limits are to 1 decimal place
  • Fixed issue on Viewsheds to respect the user configured range units and improve Create option to prevent multiple requests being sent
  • Update mesh links automatically when a site is moved
  • Corrected aggregation issues in Project Level BOM for optional extras on imported projects
  • Ensure ND Performance Summary responds to improvements in SM Performance requirements