LINKPlanner v6.1.1 Now Released

LINKPlanner online has been updated to version 6.1.1.

The key features of the 6.1.1 release are:

PTP support for the following product

  • 60 GHz cnWave

Please see V6.1.0 Release Forum Post for a quick guide on creating a PTP link in LINKPlanner. The only differences for 60 GHz cnWave is in the Configuration at Each End section, where there are new fields to define the Tx Frequency and Tx Golay, which are shared between both ends of the link and the Polarity where each end must be on opposite polarities.

60 GHz cnWave

  • Added Bridge in a Box part numbers for V1000 to V1000 and V2000 to V2000 PTP links

When a PTP link has either V1000 or V2000 at both ends of the link the BOM automatically adds the Bridge in a Box single kit part number, which provides a paired set of radios for easier installation. If the Bridge in a Box kit is not required it can be replaced with the part number for the individual radios using the Optional Extras (remember to increase the quantity to 2 to include a radio for each end of the link).

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure that the correct modulation modes are shown in the Performance Summary when the remote product is updated on a PTP link.
  • Allow short links (>=1 m) to be created for both PTP and PMP, to support 60 GHz cnWave.

Where can I download the 6.1.1 version?

Hi Nahum,

It is online version of LINKPlanner, you can login here

Let us know if you face any issues.


Hi Nahum,

Sorry about that, I forgot to include the URL on the usual support page ( I have updated the text for 6.1.1 to include the link.