Log into new E500?

I want to add a new E500 to my network. I have 3 other E500’s but my network is How can I get into the new E500 to configure it? Thanks.

Please find out the APs IPs and login via GUI using URL https://

Please refer user guide for default credentials.

The AP I want to add I can’t log into because It’s IP is same as the cable modems, so the cables modem comes up when I enter the APs factory IP.

If the DHCP server is giving out the same IP address to the E500 AP as the IP address the cable modem is using then make changes on the DHCP server so that it offers the E500 AP a different IP address to use.

Or, if you have a laptop on the same subnet as the E500 then put in a static ARP entry on the laptop so that when the laptop tries to connect it goes to the E500 AP instead of the cable modem. Once logged into the E500 AP you can change the IP address on the E500 AP to another static IP address that is not in use.

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I checked with my ISP, they said the IP address can’t be changed on the modem. Question, can the E500’s GUI be accessed offline, just directly plugged into a laptop with the POE run to the ethernet port on the laptop?

Yes, you can do that. Or whatever process was used to configure the other 3 E500 APs.

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