Losing remote management with 4.5.4 and elevate

Hello, I have a problem with the update 4.5.4 in elevate antennas, I lost the remote management, the update deletes the ip address, although it keeps dialing the pppoe session, is there any way to solve it

Could you kindly submit a support ticket and ask to look at specifically ekevate.


sopa99 - I am about to install 4.5.4 and I am using elevate also. Did the problem occur when you installed it on the AP or on the elevated SM?

Did you ever submit the support ticket and allow someone to investigate. This may have nothing to do with the GPS issue. We would be happy to help. Please provide the ticket # as well.


elevate sm only, in the ap i see ip but the sm is online

So if I leave the elevated SM on 4.4.3, I should not lose access. Correct?