Loss of GPS alarm

Is it possible for an alarm to go off when a radio goes into “hold off” mode due to GPS sync lost?

I don’t think so in the free version of cnMaestro. It’s easy enough to do using any SNMP monitoring tool that is capable of alarms though.

The free version of cnMaestro does support alarms.

Currently only the “No Synchronization” state triggers an ePMP GPS Sync alarm, at the Major severity level. We have a pending task to update ePMP GPS Sync alarm handling to raise an alarm for other GPS states that is under discussion.

Any update on this? We really need to know when an AP stops transmitting due to GPS issue.

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As of version 3.1.0 the “No Synchronization” and “Hold Off State” will raise a Major alarm against the device. All other GPS states will clear any existing alarm.

@jessearcher, are you running in cloud or On-Premises running 3.1.0? cnMaestro would only raise an alarm if the hold off state was entered after cnMaestro was upgraded to 3.1.0.

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We’re running cloud and the loss of GPS didn’t trigger an alarm. Guessing I should raise a support case to find out why?

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Are you getting any other types of alarms? Have you entered in relevant email accounts that need to get alarms and checked to see if you have alarms setup for the right status levels and products?

@jessearcher, is it possible that the GPS state change to the “Hold Off State” occurred when the device was not connected to cnMaestro? Are there GPS Events against that device notifying cnMaestro that GPS has entered the hold off state?

@Jordan had another reoccurrence of this on July 12.

GPS lost sync, went into hold off mode. There is a log entry in cnMaestro but no log message about entering the hold off state nor any alarm. First we found out about the issue was when customers started calling wondering why they were offline.

Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 9.53.13 PM


Thanks for the information @jessearcher. Was the AP offline at all in the 6 days since the Alarm was raised?

@Jordan once the customers reported they were offline, we logged into the AP and changed the sync to internal to get it back online, and it’s remained online since.

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AP lost GPS sync!
Unbelievable, how could this even happen?
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I am also seeing a number of alarms for GPS sync generated in cnMaestro, none of them are accurate. So far every device I have checked is running with sync perfectly fine, but the alarms in cnm won’t clear.

Yeah I ignore any cnMaestro GPS alarms now due to high false positives.

Have you tried rebooting the APs? I was thinking of doing so during maintenance window tonight. I am sure I have tried it in the past and it didn’t clear them, but that was over a year ago. At least with the CFG_Import alarms you can just apply an empty template to clear them, but I have yet to find a solution. I was really hoping that upgrading to the latest cnm version would help, but no dice there.

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If I could get these alarms + the BSA alarms to clear, our cnm alarms would actually be accurate for the first time since we started using it on release…

I think the root cause of this is GPS state changes occurring while the device is disconnected from cnMaestro, so it misses the GPS state changing to a non-error state. We plan on adding logic to manually check the GPS state when a device comes online.

@Nekomata, what state are your BSA alarms in? In 3.1.0 we changed the severity levels of some of the states so if the smart antenna is disconnected with power off of if the smart antenna is connected with power on the alarm should clear.

Hey @Jordan, thanks for the response. I am going to try and reboot all of the devices with these alarms tonight during maintenance window, just to see if it helps at all.

The BSA alarms are showing “Smart Antenna is Disconnected, Power Off”, which is technically accurate. However, these APs never had a Smart Antenna in the first place, so I don’t really know how to resolve the alarms, other than actually attaching a smart antenna, which is not exactly feasible for a few reasons.

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There is also one alarm that is for Smart Antenna Connected, Power On, which I find somewhat comical.

Thanks for the info @Nekomata. Let me know if the reboot clears the alarms. Those alarms might have activated before 3.1.0 when the severity levels were changed. If no smart antenna events were sent by the device since then the alarm would not change state.