Low Throughput; Poor Signal Strength Ratio V/H

We are experiencing very poor throughput on one of our connectorized PTP600 links. The Signal Strength Ratio V/H has also flattened out (images below).

Do you folks have any suggestions what this might be? So far I'm hoping it's a polyphaser

The link appears to be working on only one polarization, and the problem is affecting both directions. This makesĀ  antenna cables, connectors, or a polyphaser likely culprits. If you have a maintenance window, you might consider swapping the antenna cables at one ODU and checking if the problem stays on the same path, or moves to the other path. This could help to localise the problem to one end of the link.

Is there no determining which polarity is the problem from the graph data?

That's a good point.

We have some background on signal strength ratio here: Separate Receive Power for H and V Inputs in PTP 650/700

SSR is a measure of the V signal strength divided by the H signal strength. In this case, SSR is less than -20 dB, meaning that the H signal is more than 20 dB bigger than the V signal. The problem is in the V path.

However, it's not obvious which end of the link is at fault.