Meshing DN V5000 to DN V5000

Hi All,
Has anyone ever been able to configure mesh links between V5000 on the LinkPlanner app ?
I’m asking because I can see that option but it has never worked for me.
Any idea ? Thank you

Hi William,

We have a knowledge base article to help you configure the Mesh links, please see this #knowledge-base post for more information, which I hope you find useful.


Just to reinforce Rachel’s comment, I use it often, and it works. Normally, the issue is that the azimuths of the v5000’s that you are trying to connect are not correct. For example, if you have 2 v5000 units, 200m apart, the 2nd one south of the first one, and both azimuths are at 0 degrees, they will not mesh becuase you are trying to connect the 2nd v5000 to the null in the 2 sectors of the 1st v5000. You have to adjust the azimuths of both v5000 so that you mesh them on the sectors that you want to connect them on.