Move fast and fix things (ie update cnMaestro)

Can we all start to push for an increased release frequency for cnMaestro.


There is just enough work being done to stop anyone from developing a third party management suite, but not enough to actually be fully useful.

I spent half a day working with the devs  last August to identify the cause of several bugs, most of those bugs were basically fixed as we spoke yet those fixes have not been released yet!

Apparently this is because they are waiting until everything is perfect! and the last few features get finalised. and just one more thing is added. and that annoying new bug gets squashed. and that bug that was fixed but has now reccured is dealt with. and the bug that they thought was an old bug but was actually a new bug. and that new feature just got thought of. and the feature from the next firmware release. and the new bugs that just got introduced....

PLEASE, just release something! I use a buggy cnMaestro in production right now! I honestly don't mind using a different buggy cnMaestro in testing next week.

If the development cycle isn't suited to frequent beta relesaes, fix the development cycle, then go back to fixing the software, then add new features, then release them!



Below are the features that our company really wants to see. 

- Ability to configure SM's and apply JSON templates through the API
- Fields from the SM SNMP site contact and site address to be searchable in inventory.(at least for the PMP 450 platform)
- URL's in the device dashboard need to be able to link to the HTTPS address of the AP or SM, could be a configurable option

- Ability to hide/delete the default JSON templates. 
- Ability for distance to be listed as Miles instead of Km on the SM dashboard and in the report feature
- Ability to have more than 10 user accounts in the on-prem version

Agreed.  cnMaestro feels light years behind, not only in the feature set but in the UI as well.

We have released cnMaesto On-Premises 2.1.0 today which includes lots of feature and PTP/cnReach support.

Please check the release notes 

The community announcement link is


I just realized in 1.6.3 you added the feature to the SM dashboard for the SM SNMP Site Contact and Site Addresss. Thanks!! One additional request, is it possible to get these fields searchable in inventory? That way we could just search an address and the associated SM would pop up. I edited my reply from above to reflect that request rather than the fields being shown on the dashboard. 

Thank you!

We have accepted this enhancement request and soon will let you know once we finalize the target release version.


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Thank you!