Moving devices between cnMaestro cloud instances


We have some customer XV2-2 devices in our main cnMaestro cloud instance setup as a managed services sub instance and they have been running under an cnMaestro X trial at present; in hindsight before we add “live” 5 year cnMaestro X licences is it possible to move APs from one cnMaestro instance/account to another? In hindsight we have decided it will be better to keep each significant customer fully segmented in separate instances.

Do we just need to delete the APs from the old instance; do a factory reset them from the console/local web UI and re-onboard them in the new instance or will that cause issues? Its a bit of a pain but i’d rather get it right from day 1 as I suspect it is easier to move an AP than to try to disentangle cnMaestro X licences that were sold to a given customer at a later date if we need.


Hi @ChrisH,

Yes, you can go ahead with above procedure.
Or you have option to Reset the device from cnMaestro itself, under the device > configuration Tab.
Once the device is back with factory default state, Please delete device in old instance and claim back in New instance.




If you reset the device in cnMaestro will it not then try to immediately reprovision itself to the old tenant having called home or is it a case or hit reset and very quickly delete it before it comes back up?

Hi @ChrisH ,

Yes it will retry to connect to after reset, but will take some time… during which you can quickly delete the device in Old account and claim the serial number (MSN) in new account, so that when device retry to cloud it will get onboarded to new instance automatically.


@ChrisH what are the reasons for your decision? I’m curious to understand so that if its a product deficiency, I’d like to address it.

@KumarK various but the main one being the fact that cnMaestro X is enabled at account wide level and we have sold the customer the APs and the cnMaestro X subscriptions so we want to effectively silo their licences to them but we may have other clients or APs without X cover we need to deal with.

I have also had various headaches configuring stuff like WLANs and captive portals (which frankly are a nightmare to do repeatedly!) where you define them at the wrong level in you MSP structure and you can’t use them in a MSP sub account; what we ended up doing is creating templated WLAN configs at parent level and then duplicating them and sub account level so we could attach the captive portals. To be honest we are moving from using XMS Cloud and how that worked for multi-tenant and hasn’t realised that a single cnMaestro login could have multiple discrete cnMaestro account IDs linked to it and be able to switch between them; we only discovered that by accident when we were trying to understand what the cloud anchor link for on-premise looked like and suddenly discovered we were then seeing both the original and on-premise anchor instances listed can could switch between them easily; we had initially though that to have multiple instances each would need a different email alias to login with like but alas that isn’t needed.

Don’t get me wrong, its not fundamentally broken; it works and I am sure well for many circumstances but perhaps we aren’t really being an MSP in the sense of how some MSPs would work owning the kit and licences and renting it to the customer for a monthly fee; we generally are work by selling the hardware and services and then they belong to the customer and we are then providing a management service… maybe that is the subtle difference between MSP and multi tenant login support.

What you might be able to maybe enlighten me on is my post on why Webhooks are missing in the cloud version of cnMaestro X but present in the on-premises, if it is on the roadmap and what the blocker is that is preventing this as we could really do with that functionality for pushing alerts to Teams and Twilio.

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Hi @ChrisH , thank you for the quick response and I now have a better understanding of your business model. You want to silo the subscriptions and devices to a specific customer and not accidentally share them with other customers. Make sense.

I see that Ajay already responded to the Webhooks question.

With regards to your challenge with Captive Portal configuration - did you face that in XMS-Cloud or with cnMaestro X? I am asking since you mentioned you are moving from XMS to cnMaestro.