Moving *non-templated* devices from one cnMaestro Cloud instance to another

I already found a discussion similar to this elsewhere on the forum, and the suggestion was to factory default all of the devices.

However, in my case, the devices are different (cnPilot e410 APs and some cnMatrix EX2010-P switches), and in my case, neither the APs or switches are receiving any configuration “pushed” from cnMaestro (they are not in AP groups or switch groups or anything). They were configured by hand (directly on the APs & switches), and cnMaestro is only being used to monitor them, currently.

I absolutely do not want to erase the existing config on them. I want to simply remove them from one cloud instance, and connect them to a different instance, without changing anything else. Later, we plan to entirely reconfigure the network (moving from static IPs to DHCP for management, using a new subnet, and completely re-doing the SSID layout)… but currently I just want to move the APs “as-is” over to a different instance, without impacting the configuration on any device.

What is my best way to do this? If I just “delete” a device from the existing cnMaestro instance, will that reset it back to factory default? If so, is there any way to move it from one instance to another without a reset?

Replying to myself… I just performed a test with an e410 AP, and I was able to onboard it to a portal, manually change some basic settings on the AP directly, and then delete it from that portal without changing the config at all.

So, I think that in my case, I shouldn’t need to worry about losing settings from any of the devices I need to move. I just need to dump all of the serial numbers and names from the current instance, then delete them one by one, and add into the new instance (without picking any AP groups or switch groups during onboarding).

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