N000082L022 work with 670?


I have been searching the forum and, through a few various posts, I think i have figured out that p/n N000082L022 can be used to power a PTP670 off of a 24vdc input, but i wanted to double check. Per the install guide, the AC+DC POE that comes with the 670 only accepts 37-60vdc input. There is only 24vdc power available at the site so I am hoping using this will eliminate the need for extra 3rd party equipment.

Can anyone confirm this for me please?



     Check out the following link with POE requierments for the 650/670. I would look into this as well.


Thanks for the info Justin,  i did not realize that the 670 could use standrd 802.3at, but in the mode a alternative, and passive. If needed, im sure we can find a DC fed, mode a injector. thanks! 

No worries EJ!