No link up

Hi there. Just received my gear and setup everything, but V1000 (CN) doesn’t link up to V5000 (PoPDN), although on same channel, no PSK, every clean and distance in-office. Some ideas? Thanks. Stepahn

I assume its lab, short distance and no GPS availability ?

  1. Use short range optimized at Config->Node->Radio

  2. Turn GPS off by enabling ‘Force GPS Disable’

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GPS is off (Force GPS Disable)…will try short range as I have it on long range still. Thanx!

nop, not working at all…the same as before

Is the correct sector of V5K pointed to V1K ?
V5000, which "side" is sector 1? - #3 by Bruce_Collins has a nice diagram.

Please upload a picture of your setup, if possible.

On bench testing, I usually point the radios to the flat ceiling with radios only a feet or two away from each other and no problem.

To anyone thinking about moving to beta6… it just bricked my testlab and links are not coming up. Specifically POP DN to remote DN hub.

Hint: If you have to name your firmware “beta”, especially the sixth version of it… you are not ready for production. Yes, I know you had the text highlighted in red and gave a warning, but the “official” 1.0 shouldn’t even count as it is unusable.
Tech support has been super responsive and friendly, but I have 30 hours on getting a 4 node setup in a 20x20 room, and am moving on to another product.

So sorry to hear you are having so much trouble, we would be happy to help directly to resolve your issues.

You are right it should not be that difficult, so we would like to understand what’s going on.

Please DM me.