NSE 3000 management options

I’m a little confused. In the former datasheet for the NSE 3000 it said that it had management via GUI (http/https), CLI (SSH/telnet), and cloud cnMaestro.
Now i got my NSE 3000 for testing, and the only options for management via GUI is to set password and WAN IP.
Is this box suppose to be completely managed from the cloud? If so, then this should have been said in the first datasheet, and i doubt that we will buy any more of this firewalls if it has no local GUI management option.

The NSE solution consists of an appliance (NSE 3000) in-line with traffic that works in concert with various services in the cloud. The NSE 3000 is managed from cnMaestro and that’s the only supported management interface. The on-device GUI is limited and meant for initial provisioning of the device WAN when DHCP is not used.

I’m sorry to hear you may have received incorrect information. The official, published datasheet is linked from this page NSE 3000 - Cambium Networks

They got us as well. We share your sentiments whole heartedly. This is outrageous especially since it may not be returnable. Rest assured this is the first and the last one we buy. Now looking for another alternative.

Simple, we do not run cnMaestro locally only on the cloud. Maybe you can tell us how to get this thing claimed and managed on cloud cnMaestro without an additional license. We would appreciate any assistance you can provide with this.

You’re absolutely justified to be upset around cnMaestro X required to on-board; however, unless something has changed this will be fixed in the future.

It’s a little painful, but you can activate a trial to onboard the NSE and Cambium Networks should allow multiple trails if you’re installing at mutiple locations.

The NSE is Single Site solution with no multisite VPN options; so, if you were a service provider Cambium is probably assuming you’re already using cnMaestro X to manage multiple sites/customers.

Thank you James. Trial is not an acceptable option for us. Users should not be forced to buy into a license just to manage the device without that point made abundantly clear upfront (so it is not missed) that there is no available gui management option.

Hello DonX

Just confirmed that it’ll be fixed in cnMeastro 4.0, please see below;

Looks like you’ll be allowed an extended trail until this happens

Thank you James. Will give it a try.

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To clarify a few points:

  • NSE 3000 is currently only supported on cnMaestro cloud, and not the on-premises version
  • NSE does not require a cnMaestro X account. However, it does require a cnMaestro subscription regardless of whether it in onboarded to a cnMaestro Essentials account or a cnMaestro X account (SKUs MS-SUB-NSE3000-1 / MS-SUB-NSE3000-3 / MS-SUB-NSE3000-5). Besides management, this subscription provides various signature updates, access to several services in the cloud required for features used by the NSE as well as Cambium Care Pro. As James noted, until cnMaestro 4.0 is released, if you add an NSE device (with a subscription) to a cnMaestro Essentials account, your Essentials account will temporarily be upgraded to a cnMaestro X trial. After release of cnMaestro 4.0 your account will revert to its Essentials level.
  • NSE will support site-site VPN in a software upgrade to be released in Q2

Thank you Trevor for the clarification

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What happens when/if a subscription expires?

The device itself will continue processing traffic inline and most device functionality will continue to work. The exception is functionality dependent on cloud services including all signature updates, geo-ip locationing and DNS based classification. Since you will not be able to manage it through cnMaestro or push config updates it will continue using the last set configuration.

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Hi @TrevorM ,
now active version of cnmaestro cloud is 4.0.1-r27,
Question : is it possible to onboard NSE 3000 to cnmaestro cloud without any subscription ?

No, a subscription is still required (one of MS-SUB-NSE3000-1/3/5). The recent change is that the subscription will now work in cnMaestro Essentials as well as cnMaestro X.