"other Fault" appearing with Ubiquiti Radios and SIAE AlfoPlus Radio

Try it and let us know… it couldn’t possibly be worse then what you’re experiencing with the beta.

4.3-b6 did NOT fix this for us.

Total failure of this switch to work as advertised at this point.

Why aren’t you using 4.3-r3 release? Why are you still using a beta?

Because firmware upgrades cause the network to go down, causing 500 customers to drop and I can’t guarantee that when it reboots ever radio will reboot with it.

Therefore I cannot.just update it, I need to schedule it and be on site (not easy) when it happens.

Frankly I have better things to do at.the moment than babysit a switch during an update

In our case 4.3r3 didn’t work. So, we went to the beta…

Back to 4.3r3.

Getting overload, and other faults.

All this gear is brand new, ends have been checked for proper polarity,etc… Switch just does what it wants, and it’s not ok. A netonix would have powered this right up, and not even blinked.

Netonix works as expected… No faults, no problems. Just works.