Pkg3 file for cnut

I am having a hard time locating the pkg3 file for 4.5.6. Is this hidden or does it come out later than the original firmware?


Do you need it for CNUT?
We are not posting it anymorem because of the 2 reasons:

  • we guess all users have switched to cnMaestro;
  • PKG size became to big because it includes all 11n and 11ac firmware;

You can open ticket with Cambium Support or reach me at fedor.trutsko(at)cambiumnetworks(dot)com to get it.

Thank you.

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Fedor, I sent you an email. Reasons make sense. Hopeful we can get this one and then we will look into cnMaestro.


Thank you for getting me the PKG3 file for use with CNUT. I understand that things are moving to cnMaestro. We are still old School over here and don’t want to open our management network to the internet. We are hopeful that CNUT and PKG3 files will continue to come out. We still use CNUT for 450x and EPMP platform.


You can always use the on-premise version of cnMaestro if you don’t want expose mgmt to the internet.

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At one point in time they said they would eventually start charging for the on-premise version of cnMaestro (the online version would remain free). Did that change ?


Nov '16 2016

One of the most frequent questions asked by our customer is how much is the cost to use cnMaestro. It is completely free or customer need to pay?

Here is my answer:

CnMaestro has a full set of features targeted to simplify management of Cambium devices. Today we support both cnMaestro Cloud and cnMaestro Premises. We are in progress to add a premium feature packages in future on top of exsiting function/features on cnMaestro, which we will call it “cnMaestro Pro”. cnMaestro Pro will be a paid version once it is available. To distinguish, i will call the cnMaestro we have today “cnMaestro Basic”.

For “cnMaestro Basic”:

  • for cnMaestro Cloud customers, it is free
  • for cnMaestro Premises customers
    • Up to 2,000 device under managemnet is free
    • To put more device under management, a $2,500 (list price) perpetual license is required to unlock the limitation for number of device under management. Which also include 12 month software maitaince support. The restriction of numer of managed device is not enforced yet in current software, but will be enforced in Q1 2017 new release.
    • Software maintain program also is available in 1, 2 or 3 year term

For “cnMaestro Pro”, we will share more details in future.


Product Management of cnMaestro