PLL Lock Lost on PMP450i on 21.0

Just had a 450i have the PLL lock lost error.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to open a support ticket and possibly RMA it.

Sorry to hear that. This is the first report I’ve heard of on 21.0. Does it happen every boot? If it’s a hardware failure (which is possible from this error) I’d expect it fail consistently.

A ticket is a good idea here incase RMA is needed. Also I’d be curious what the logs look like.

@Charlie Sent you an email.

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While I still don’t have a for sure root cause of this issue in all cases, as it can happen for several reasons that could be software, FPGA or hardware related or combination of them. In some causes, the PLL can lock after a reboot, or after switching to a lower channel bandwidth. In other cases it is a complete hardware failure and needs to be pulled.

In 21.1 BETA-1 I added a reboot in this failure case in an attempt at automatic recovery for the operator. I cannot however guarantee it fixes the problem in all cases however.


Thanks for looking into that Charlie

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Please let us all know if it fixed this issue. Thanks!

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