PMP 450 encryption Options

Q1 Assumption: Canopy software applied to PMP 450 products only. Please correct if necessary!

I see this post What encryption options does Canopy offer? that Canopy (therefore PMP 450 product range) offers AES or DES encryption and this is selected at order time. You buy either an AES or DES or No encryption unit then you either turn encryption on or off. Q2 Is the information in that post still accurate? (Post date is 2008)

Below is the ordering information for a PMP450m which indeed suggests that encryption options are selectable at purchase time:

Q3 I assumed that the “US” and “EU” options were a function of regional/licensing requirements. I think that is indeed the case. True?
Q4 RoW meaning?
Q5 ISED meaning? (Canada jurisdiction?)
Q6 What option would be appropriate from an Australian perspective?
Q7Any details how encryption options (presumably AES/DES) are made at order time appreciated.


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