PMP 450 New Capabilities webinar replay

The replay of yesterday's PMP 450 New Capabilities webinar is HERE. Please post your questions and comments to this thread.

PMP 450 Mar2016.jpg


Is there a page one can get the slide from or download the video please? Thanks

I had asked yesterday but I guess the question couldnt be seen, is there a more solid date for pmp450 release into cN maestro other than sometime in Q2, or a beta program to use now?

We are targeting cnMaestro support for Release 14.3, in June.

There should be a Beta release prior to this, possibly in late May.

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Hi Folks - Matt mentioned in the webinar that R14.2 would be available for general release this month (see attached). Cambium support told us last night in Case #SC29647 that there is no planned release date for R14.2. Did something happen? --Will

Please don't use the support team to ask questions about roadmap or future software release.  Any of those types of questions should be directed to me if possible.  

We always try to be as accurate as possible with our predicted release dates, taking into account risks and work left to do, etc.  However, unforseen issues sometimes arise that push the date beyond what we've quoted.

In this case, there is a remaining issue that's a bit sticky, and it looks like the System Release 14.2 will become official mid-April (a couple weeks later than we originally predicted).

Always be aware that when we discuss future releases, they are subject to change, and in fact do change regularly. Cambium does its very best to prioritize the features that are most important to your business, and get them out as fast as possible, but with extremely high quality.  

Thanks for attending the webinar and for your continued interest in the 450 platform!

(I see your screen capture tools are working well!)


Thanks for the quick response, Matt. We’ll use the forum for roadmap questions moving forward. We try to forecast upgrades and outages as far in advance as possible, so updates are appreciated. --Will

Has anyone been able to access the sm gui through a router or more specifically the r200p? Im trying to connect a battery pack to the r200p to be able to point using wifi on a tablet and not have to carry around a laptop or extension cord. When trying this or using any router you cannot access web page of the SM.

Im sure it’s just a setting config.

NetOpsCom - This is a duplicate post, and I have asked the team to respond to your other email thread here.

Please go there for your answers... thanks.

Sorry, I was just trying to bump the post from this weekend.