PMP 450i SM Sync

Can a PMP 450i 900 Connectorized SM sync to a co-located PMP 450 365 AP? Reading other topics says that the 450 AP uses an RJ-12 pinout when the Aux Port of my 450 AP fits only an 8 pin connector. 

Please see this post.  The wiring would be the same for an RJ12 SM to RJ45 AP.

Actually this post has everything you need.

That post is helpful, yes but, I'm not configuring 2 450i 900 APs. I have a 450i 900 AP with the sync coming from a UGPS which has a 450i 900 SM linked to it. The 450i SM uses an RJ-12 connector in the Aux port to an RJ-45 in the Aux port on a PMP 450 3.65 AP. 

The cable from the 900 MHz 450 SM (keep in mind this is actually a 450 board, not 450i) to the 450i AP is the same cable Chris references in his first link:  This one

Just replace the "UGPS" with the "900 MHz 450 SM"... also, in this case, you'll only need the GPS/Ground pins, as you don't need power or GPS data information.

So I would only need 2 pins on the 6 pin connector? If the other 2 pins are in the connector it won't work?

It will work fine, they will just be unused.

OKay, I have done all that and there is still no sync. It does not even show it is receiving a pulse. The 900 450i AP is indeed receiving a sync but the 365 AP is not. What could possibly be the issue? Also if I disable the Aux Port Power to UGPS then enable Sync output to Aux port and do a reboot, the sync status page says "Sync Pulse Status - Power Port" It should be on the timing port and not the power port but there is no way to configure this. 

I re-read your posts... I am little confused on what your equipment actually is.

What is the model number of the 3.65 GHz device?  Is it a 450 or 450i?  You state that the AUX port is RJ-45, which would tell me that it's a 450i... or C030045A001A or C030045A002A, but you refer to it as 450 AP, which would have a RJ-12 timing/default port.

If it's a 450i, and this isn't working, you need to definitely be on R15.2.1 software on your 900 MHz 450 SM.  This was a known issue prior to R15.2, and would result in the 450i not recognizing the sync pulse coming in.  What software revision are you operating on both radios?

The 3.65 is C030045A001A. The 900 is running on 15.2 and the 3.65 is running on 15.2.1.

Based on our testing, etc. this should be working properly.  At this point, I would advise opening a support ticket.  Please post the ticket number here, and I can see if possible to escalate the ticket, and get some folks looking at this right away.

Before we do that, would it be possible if you or someone could post the configurations of the sync settings in the remote AP to double check I have everything correct?

As noted in the link earlier, the only settings in the 3.65 GHz 450i AP should be:

Config > General > Sync Setting > Sync Source > AutoSync or AutoSync + Free Run

Config > General > Sync Setting > Device Type: Remote AP