PMP450, Radius, and Protocol Filtering


Is there a way to tell the subscriber module which protocols to filter (Configuration -> Protocol Filtering) via Radius?


There is no direct Vendor Attributes for these configuration, however if Ā you wanted to configure from RADIUS there is way out.

Cambium RADIUS dictionary does support Ā vendor attributeĀ Cambium-Canopy-ConfigFileImportUrl

Using this you can pack the protocol filters in a config file and give the URL, [You need TFTP/FTP server as well]

So when SM is autehticated from RADIUS server these VSA are pushed and SM will download the config file and apply and hence you get all your filters on SM applied.



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Thanks for the information Chitrang.Ā  Is there a document containing a list of all the possible JSON key value pairs?


Currently there is no such document, however you can download the configuration file from SM (Configuration -> Unit Setting)

They are easy to understand , you can use this to create a template of your own.Check this link for details

On Zero touch more information can be found here