PMP450, Radius, and Protocol Filtering


Is there a way to tell the subscriber module which protocols to filter (Configuration -> Protocol Filtering) via Radius?


There is no direct Vendor Attributes for these configuration, however if  you wanted to configure from RADIUS there is way out.

Cambium RADIUS dictionary does support  vendor attribute Cambium-Canopy-ConfigFileImportUrl

Using this you can pack the protocol filters in a config file and give the URL, [You need TFTP/FTP server as well]

So when SM is autehticated from RADIUS server these VSA are pushed and SM will download the config file and apply and hence you get all your filters on SM applied.



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Thanks for the information Chitrang.  Is there a document containing a list of all the possible JSON key value pairs?


Currently there is no such document, however you can download the configuration file from SM (Configuration -> Unit Setting)

They are easy to understand , you can use this to create a template of your own.Check this link for details

On Zero touch more information can be found here