PMP450i issue or Cable?

I keep having a radio ramdomly drop off and it takes awhile to come back. I use the Cambium Copper clad cable with their LPUs.

Do you guys recommend a cable tester for POE and certify it. This is the only radio that has issues. The others are running 100Full duplex and I haven't had time to schedule an outage.

Or is there an issue with the LPUs inline with the units. Draining the power. I think the cable is 185 feet long according to our tester that we do have.

Or is this the horror story I am reading of radios just blimping out for some odd reason?

Is there a way to check the crash report on these.?

I will open a case tomorrow.

So Just a small update. We had  the horror of EMI or RFI and pretty much rebuild all of our infrastructure.

We ran coduit to most of our sites which had FM and TV. We went in conduit up the tower with a double sheilded CAT6 and grounded the cables per the manufacturer recommondation. We now run 1000 on all of our radios.


Your experience and remedy for collocating ethernet based radios on a high power FM/AM tower is typical. Another thing to try is using passive RF chokes to deal with EMI/RFI. Proper grounding is a essential as well.

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Tried the chokes maybe theywere worng but didn't help. If you are talking about Ferrites? I followed the suggestion from another post.

These tower aren't the big FM stations but they were enough to affect.

Shawn - Thanks for posting an update to this thread.  It's great when someone figures out what's going on and has found solutions, with the hope that this helps the community at large.  Someone else is bound to run into this again.