PMP450i/m onboarding cnMaestro cloud


I am currently testing the cnMaestro (cloud), and trying to onboard some of my pmp450i and 450m ap's. I have had problems with onboarding them, but when I disable "IP Access Filtering" on the ap, I can onboard the device. In other words, I have to degrade my security if I want to use cnMaestro. Is this the only way, or is it a workaround? Since the cloud is not on a permanent ip, I can not add any "cloud subnet" to access filtering either...

Btw, the "Device agent log" was only reporting "OpenConnection to failed"

                                                                                    "Rand_bytes failed, error code : 0"

                                                                                    "Unable to discover cnMaestro URL (re-discover in 301 seconds)"

So it seemed to me there was a DNS issue.  I tested the dns via Tools->dns test and it resolved without issues.  I checked my firewall, and nothing blocked there either.

Then I turned off "Ip access filtering", and it connected to cloud so I could onboard it.

I have searched the forums, read the manuals, and have'nt found anything regarding this issue.

I got an answer from support, and to turn off "IP access filtering" is currently the only solution.

Maybe cambium should make a note on this issue in both the manual and in the onboarding instructions?

If I had this information from the beginning, I would have had this up and running in 5 minutes...

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Following KB article is updated with the details about the IP Filtering to be disabled for on boarding to cnMAestro Cloud servers.

Also you can use the on premises version of the cnMaestro if you need to enable the IP Filtering  in the devices and you want the device on boarding to work as well in cnMaestro.

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