PMP450m real world performance

It seems like the only results of PMP450m posted here is lab tests and not actual performance of deployed towers and customers.

Will any ISP using PMP450m please give some feedback on actual performance on PMP450m?

Did you test this upfront and get similar test results in LinkPlanner?

We loaded one of our active towers and all current customers connected to this tower (using ePMP) onto LinkPlanner today. The tower has 360deg coverage, but we tested PMP450m in one direction to simulate expected performance. With 151x SMs (tried 450i and 450d) spread over the full 90degrees, total throughput in LinkPlanner is only 136Mbps downlink on 20MHz channel. We expected at least 300Mbps…

Is LinkPlanner maybe not accurate? Please post some real world PMP450m performance results.

Yes, LinkPlanner is pretty accurate, and a bit conservative.

There are some posts in the forums... I did a little search and found THIS ONE that might interest you. The throughput numbers you're seeing seem to be on par with what the two operators in the thread are getting.

I think the biggest misconception about 450 in general is that the advertised speeds (125mbps for 450 and 400mbps for 450m @ 20mhz) assume a perfect enviornment, with all clients achieving 8X/256QAM modulation. This is rarely achievable in the real world. That being said, there have been a number of firmware improvements to the 450m since it's inception, that have allowed them to squeeze even more out of the 450m, along with having a rich roadmap for additional performance improvements and features as time goes on.

I've done exactly what you've done, e.g. dumped an existing PMP450i AP and SM's from a google earth file into LinkPlanner to see how much of an upgrade I'd get moving to PMP450m, and it was only a 120mbps or so because many of the clients were out at the 10mi range or more and had lower modulation. Clients that are out far and/or grouped in too close will severely reduce PMP450m's max theoretical throughput.

Here's a good question... when you do the same study in LinkPlanner but you use your existing AP technology (I assume ePMP?), does the predicted performance match up with your real world performance that you're seeing now? Some quick and dirty cross multiplication using real world data from your ePMP deployment and comparing it to predicted LinkPlanner data, and PMP450m link planner data, can give you an idea of what you could expect to see from the 450m. ePMP real world / ePMP LinkPlanner prediction * pmp450 real world / pmp450 LinkPlanner prediction.

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LinkPlanner was quite accurate on the existing customers spread over multiple ePMP2000+Smart antennas when comparing to actual field performance.

Cambium has the LinkPlanner project file and will investigate to tweak and make recommendations.

Hi All,

If you go to the cambium products 450m page

and click on 'case studies' there are 4 articles there that give real world performance data, from Pixius, Eurona, Scorch and GVEC.



Also, check out this very short clip, where I share some other real world results from some other customers...

(However, you do have to put up with actually looking at and listening to me for about 2 minutes... ugh.)