Problem managing On-Board E2E controller

Thanks, @Lepakshi_Maheswar_Ra

I have managed over 10 onboard E2E controllers in cnmaestro with this guide.

However, I have a challenge managing an onboard e2e controller as its stuck at discovering cnmaestrro for over 48hrs as seen in attached.

Hi @aam,

Could you please share DA logs of Onboard E2E

da_logs_88326a_1630933382202.txt (2.3 KB)
Hi @Lepakshi_Maheswar_Ra kindly find attached DA log.


Hi @aam,

As per logs, it say “Insufficient Credentials”. May I know if you enabled "Cambium ID based authentication to onboard devices"in cnMaestro, If so, enter onboarding key in Onboard E2E device UI


The Cambium ID-based authentication to onboard devices" in cnMaestro is enabled. I have managed almost 10 onboard e2e controllers on cnmaestro with the same onboard detail. I am surprised why it keeps saying insufficient credentials.

Could you please share the setup details?


The V5000 is mounted on the tower and connected to a router.
Attached here is the traceroute to cnmaestro IP from the router

Hello @Lepakshi_Maheswar_Ra
The v5000 eventually got boarded on cnmeastro without making any changes.
However, the topology did not sync on cnmaestro as seen in the attached


We can see the reason why topology sync is failing when we hover on the info icon in Topology sync error. Also can you download and send DA logs from device UI

The topology sync error was duplicated MAC. So I deleted the duplicated NODE MAC and then rebooted the v5000 via GUI. But the v5k is back to insufficient credentials error after reboot as seen below.

da_logs_88326a_1632225669473.txt (6.5 KB)

Its now onboarded after i re-entered the onboarding key.