Problem with sudden reboots


We recently purchased an EX2052R-P. It operates normally until it suddenly reboots, sometimes 2 consecutive times. Looking at the events of cnMaestro it only shows “STATUS_DOWN” and “STATUS_UP” when it reboots.

We tried to upgrading the CNS Software version, but this fixed nothing. We also changed the power output with the same result.

Any ideas?

Is there anything shown in the on-device logs?

Hello, please connect to the switch via SSH and retrieve the output for below CLI commands:
show system info
show os last exception


Hi, sorry to jump into this thread but I tried the show os last exception on my TX 2012RP and that command failed, said “no such file or directory”

Hi, the switch’s message “no such file or directory” when executing the command ‘show os last exception’ indicates there had been no fault by the switch that would cause the auto reboot. If your switch had rebooted itself previously it must be for some other reason. The reboot reason is displayed in ‘show system info’ under the field ‘Last Reboot Reason’.