PRTG monitoring

We wrote this to PAESSLER: In our network we have installed several devices Canopy PMP and PTP Cambium Networks (formerly Motorola), we basically monitor the traffic that occurs on interfaces that have this equipment. Cambium has released a new equipment called EPMP, which when put in the PRTG to monitor shows no active interfaces, and only we could make them creating a custom sensor to monitor with MIB provided by the manufacturer. > > > >This is annoying for us, because in the PMP and PTP devices with a single sensor can monitor incoming and outgoing traffic on the interface, but with the EPMP forces us to generate a sensor for traffic IN and another sensor for traffic OUT, which impacts our sensors available. They answer this: “Thank you very much for the translation. I’m afraid if these devices do not comply with the SNMP Standard, so that it is not possible to read traffic via standard traffic counters from them, there is very little we can do. We cannot change the SNMP Implementation on those devices. Please check with the vendor if they see a chance that they implement SNMP Traffic Counters according to the MIB2 standard.” Ideas?, route map? timeline?

Hi Juan, 

In the just released firmware 2.3.1, we have included RFC1213 compliant MIB. Can you check to see if this helps with standard monitoring using PRTG?