PTP 550 Factory default issue


How can reset PTP550 device to factory default configurations??

–> No physical button available on device.
–> I tried with power sequence procedure but reset not happened.

Getting Eth.Port UP but unable to ping the Device IP

Please update asap.

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K.nagarjuna Reddy

Maybe try this


Thanks for your response.

I was followed and checked with the same procedure but no result.

Is any other way to reset the device??


Hello Nagarjuna,
The reset steps are found in the “CambiumPTP 550 Series User Guide System Release 4.1.2” available on the link:

Let me help you with the PTP 550 reset. Follow the step below:

  1. Hard reset procedure

  1. Power cycle reset steps

I believe this will help you well.

Sincerely yours,


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Factory Reset by power adapter was resetting years ago.

Cambium devices have many manufacture provider, so not have the same specifications

Cambium ptp 550 factory reset button in sfp port