Reset to factory default PTP650 or rcovery mode

Does anyone know how to reset IP to factory default on a PTP650 unit?
The procedure from the manual did not worked for me.

1 Apply power to PSU for at least 10 seconds.
2 Remove power for 5 seconds.
3 Re-apply power to the PSU.
4 When the unit is in recovery mode, access the web interface by entering the default IP address The Recovery Image Warning page is displayed:
5 Click on the warning page image. The Recovery Option Page is displayed (Figure 133).`
6 Review the Software Version and Recovery Reason (Table 118).
7 Select a recovery option (Table 119).

Thank you

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Hi Gelu

The unit needs to be booted into “Recovery Mode” to allow you to reset the IP address to factory defaults.

On the PTP650 we have a new method of booting the unit into recovery, and this is by using a “Short Power Cycle”. The short power cycle should be around 5 seconds - If it is longer then the unit will boot normally.

If the unit does boot into recovery mode, and there is no access to the webpage within 30 seconds the unit will continue to boot into normal operating mode.

In recovery mode the unit can only be accessed via IPv4 -

You will see a big yellow warning when you enter recovery Mode - so you can’t miss it!!

I suspect that the timing of your power reboot was too long, (step 2-3) and you have not booted into recovery.

Once in Recovery, follow the instructions above to reset your IP address.



Further to Julian' comment, I would suggest to remove power for 2 to 3 seconds rather than 5 as suggested.

Indeed, It indeed appears than 5 seconds is a bit too long on some units which may explain your issue.

I have logged this internally and Cambium will be updating the PTP650 User Guide at the next opportunity. Thank you for bring this to our attention.