PTP 650-01-45 and PTP 670-01-45

Hot on the heels of 650-01-44 and 670-01-44 (described here) we have a pair of releases for 01-45.

The changes in 01-45 are quite small, so don't feel obliged to upgrade unless the changes affect your network.


The release provides a new tempPCB object in the SNMP MIB linked to the PCB Temperature attribute added to the Diagnostic Plotter in 650-01-44. Also, we updated the regulatory limits for 5.8 GHz Malaysia (RB 51).


This release includes the changes described above for 650-01-45.  In addition, we added the 4.9 GHz Japan regulatory bands, RB 98 and RB 99.

670-01-45 is the firmware to use for backwards compatibility with 650-01-45.