PTP 670 + SFP

Can someone provide me with what all is needed for SFP on a PTP 670?

I believe there is a SFP kit - Part number? Will I also need a license key to enable the SFP port?

We'd like to use a single fiber with our own supplied bidirectional SFP module. Is that possible?

Hi Eric,

SFP comes in kit form which include license key+SFP gland+SFP module

C000065L008A Single Mode Optical 1000BaseLX SFP Interface per ODU
C000065L009A Multi-mode Optical 1000BaseSX SFP Interface per ODU
C000065L010A Gigabit Ethernet 1000BaseT SFP Interface per ODU



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Are your SFP's keyed specifically for this radio? Can a generic SFP be used instead?

SFP kits come with license key paper inside the box, so even if you buy generic SFP you will need license key to activate SFP port on the radio which we do not sell as individual parts.

Very good. Thank you for the info!

For the fiber SFPs, other SFP modules of the same type can generally be used. We don't offer any guarantees about this.As Sagar points out, you will need the upgrade entitlement, and most likely the extended gland from the kit.

For the copper SFPs, only the exact module can be used.

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