PTP550 vs PB5AC400 for 6.7km link

Yes, this comparison seems to be ridiculous or a little crazy, but....I am very surprised with the performance result for both hardware.
Here the result :

  • PowerBeam5AC-400
  • 5645Mhz
  • 40Mhz
  • Noise: -103

Note: this PB5AC400 with 30Mhz : 165UDP/150TCP.

  • PTP550
  • 5510Mhz
  • 40Mhz
  • Noise -104
  • Firmware:

PTP550_OFIC AP SAMAY • Master(5).png



I never thought that the result of this comparison would be that. Maybe something is not well configured in the PTP550 or I will be a huge disappointment.

What do you think? What are your experiences?


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PTP 550 is configured as UL/DL=25/75. Also 245Mbps UDP  overloads  40 MHz  DL channel capacity ( 75% of UL+DL) that causes  latency increasing, 

PB 5AC  channel is not UL/DL devided and it's throughput can not be compared with PTP550 with UL/DL=25/75.

TCP test shoud have   minimum 5 streams.

Also PTP550 and PB 5AC work at different frequency   with  different interference level and their results can not be comparable.

Hello, I will do the tests again on the same channel and with 50/50 (UL/DL) and "traffic-generator".
I share the results as soon as possible.

In this case you should do duplex  test UDP and TCP .

I would recommend you to use in PTP550  UL/DL 25/75   and test UDP and TCP  by assymmetric duplex in the same proportion 25% Upload , 75 % Download with traffic limitation in MT bandwidth tester. Limit traffic  ( especially in UL)  to avoid overload wireless interface - avg RTT latency  should not exceed 8-9 ms ( in case of PTP550).

In PB 5AC you have not UL/DL split. But you should test devices by  the same manner  - test UDP and TCP  by assymmetric duplex in proportion 25% Upload , 75 % Download with traffic limitation in MT bandwidth tester.

In TCP tests  use 10-20  streams. Pay attention, that MT BT is not able to generate more then 330-350 Mbps TCP simplex ( or UL+DL duplex).

In PTP 550  use 4.3.2 firmware. 

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Hi, I'm going to share some additional data on this team's performance.

The only way to get this hardware decent throughput is in a single channel of 20Mhz or a channel of 40Mhz. No more, at least with the following data that as you can see I am using channels about 6Ghz very clean for testing (to avoid suspicions of "dirty channel", "little offset between channels")
And here we go:

And finally, if you wish, I can send you a video showing real time performance and how bonding works with this scenario and values, private.

Thanks for your time.


 Dowlink in both channels is working mostly on 64QAM5/6 and 256QAM 3/4.

Uplink -64QAM 5/6.  It means that at RSSI -55/57 dBm ( it is enough for 256QAM5/6) you have high interference , especially in UL. 

So channels are not  clean. 

Are you sure that test traffic passed  via two channels? It seems in test only one 40 MHz channel is used.

Please, begin to test with only one channel 40 MHz. Choose channel, that gives you 97%-100% UL and DL  256QAM 5/6 modulation. Use CA to find clear channel.

Please show UDP/TCP  test traffic in  BW MT windows, not only traffic at ethernet MT. Jitter is growing when  wireless interface is overloaded. Your traffic  is not smooth and latency jumps  when traffic  jumps and exceeds  throughput capacity.

Please look at how PTP550 test should be done properly.